disc dog leaping tactics

Eight Ways to Slow Down Your Disc Dog

Slowing down a disc dog’s on field movements is important for safety and performance. It is also important for your dog’s frame of mind as well. Thoughtful and purposeful work is always better than bonkers. Here’s 8 tips to help you slow down your dog:

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2 Simple Steps for Superior Shaping

Many dogs get very high when working for cookies and clicks. Some go over threshold when working. I think this is fairly common for clicker trainers. It’s part of the reason that some seemingly simple behaviors can take months to create and is responsible for much of the frustration that positive trainers experience.

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Discdog Bite for Wait

How do you teach a high drive dog to Wait? Teach him to Bite on cue. This bitework lesson is about creating a wait with a Bite Cue.

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