Disc Dog Language: Something to Chew On...

disc dog glossary
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Online Classes

Disc Dog Foundation Class 2020

Every thing you need to know to jam with your dog. Freestyle from the ground up with a focus on communication through positive Training.

Patrons of Pawsitive Vybe at the Cup of Joe tier and above gain free access to this class.

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Disc Quan Do

A martial arts approach to disc dog freestyle. Using Forms and Belts to hone and cultivate a freestyle foundation and uncover your Way of Disc Dog Freestyle.

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Sequence Building

Building sequences expressing yourself and your creatively seems to be some kind of hidden secret. Graphic novel instruction and step by step POV videos put you in the action.

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Disc Dog Tricks Matrix


A Wide Bank Shot — A Rebound, Fakie, or Reverse Vault Wider than 90° The Carom is a Rebound or Fakie that is greater than

Rear Cross

Rear Cross is Controlled Movement the Rear Cross asks the dog to turn away from the disc and the handler. it’s a great piece of

Flag and Flash Over

Quick and Dirty Prey Driven Cuing flag and flash cuing provides for lively and explosive set up moves and also helps dogs commit to vaults