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Welcome to Pawsitive Vybe, your digital dojo for everything dog and disc training. Here, we’re more than just enthusiasts tossing frisbees. We’re a community deeply rooted in the art and joy of dog sport, blending technical training with spirited play.

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At Pawsitive Vybe, we believe in the power of connection – between you and your canine companion, and among a global family of disc dog lovers. Our blog bursts with insights into Disc Dog, dog behavior, and dog sport, while our online classes, live streams, and unique disc dog glossary offer a comprehensive journey into this dynamic world.

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, Pawsitive Vybe is your go-to destination for learning, sharing, and, most importantly, jamming with your four-legged friend. Let’s catch the vibe together!

“It’s a Good Day to Jam…” 🐶🥏

Pawsitive Vybe Frisbee Dogs

Disc Quan Do is a DiscDog Martial Art Created by Ron Watson. This class is driven by forms for foundational, embodied experience and understanding complete with Belts to track your progress.

a caricature of Ron Watson of Pawsitive Vybe
Ron Watson

Opportunity | Expectancy | Achievement

Play+ | the Process Philosophy of Play

Embrace Play+: A process philosophy where opportunity meets skill. Expect groundbreaking training methods, achieve excellence in dog training and dog sport, and redefine your play experience.

Check out our unique Glossary of dog training, disc dog, and Play+ vocabulary terms.


DiscDog Dojo

🥏🐶⛩️DiscDog Dojo Livestream👊💥

Hang out, chill, train and jam with Ron, Epic, 🧁CupCake🧁, 👑KingAir👑, and 🐾Ken Du🐾
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Step into the DiscDog Dojo, where passion for disc dog sport comes alive! Streaming 3-4 times a week on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, our Dojo is more than just a live show – it’s a dynamic learning experience for you and your canine companion.

🧘‍♂️ Slacker Sunday: Embrace the calm with ‘Installing the Off Switch’. A relaxed day dedicated to unwinding and bonding, showing the softer side of disc dog training.
🔧 Mechanics Monday: Dive into the nitty-gritty of dog training and disc dog mechanics. Explore the hidden details of training with a multi-camera setup for an in-depth view.
📘 Tactics Tuesday: Join us for tactics in training and handling, featuring live demos with our stars – Epic 🧁CupCake🧁, 👑KingAir👑, and 🐾Ken Du🐾. Real-world techniques brought to life!
🥏 Throwing Thursday: Learn advanced throwing techniques and foundational skills with Ron Watson. Elevate your game to top-tier levels.
📚 Philosophy Friday: Engage in thought-provoking discussions and practical demonstrations of Play+ and other deep insights into dog training. Expand your knowledge and understanding.

Each session in the DiscDog Dojo is crafted to offer unique insights and practical skills, ensuring every moment is filled with learning and fun. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, our livestreams are your gateway to mastering the art of disc dog sport. Tune in, learn, and transform your play!

Ken Du DiscDog Puppy Training

DiscDog Dojo LiveStream 9PM CT

There is no Try, Only Du.
See you there.

Dogs & Dog Training

Pawsitive Vybe Season 2

Go way back to 2013 when we were living in the city with 20 dogs…
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🐶Catch the Pawsitive Vybe!🥏

While we talk and play disc with dogs here at Pawsitive Vybe, we’re not just chucking plastic. There’s quite a bit of technical dog training and dog sport handling involved in disc, and the blog here on PVybe is just stuffed with deep DiscDog and dog sport knowledge.