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Pawsitive Vybe Season 2

Join Ron Watson & Apryl Lea and their crazy pack of rescue dogs for a half hour of dog training edutainment focused on the foundational concepts of Dog Training.

Disc Dog Flatwork Playlist

A massive flatwork playlist featuring all kinds of old skool big game jamming and flatwork foundation with Ron Watson & Apryl Lea and the PVybe Pack. Things change but the roots remain.

RuffCut Season1

The PVybe Pack is back for a season of Life. There’s no point. It’s just life with the pack. It’s kind of like the Seinfeld of Dog Shows. Sit back, chill out and enjoy the show.

Planet UpDog Live Stream Sessions

The Planet UpDog Sessions are epic disc dog and dog training sessions that happen every winter while we hang out down in florida in true snowbird style.

PVybe Life - The Pilot Season

PVybe Life is a dog training variety show featuring short edutainment pieces based on our dog training and lifestyle. It’s pretty sweet. Each segment is linked from the description page and allows you to surf each episode segment by segment.
You can become a backer of the show here:… .
Check it out and enjoy the show.


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