reinforcing a give

DiscDog Mechanics | Reinforcing a Give with a Tugging Take

This really is an old lesson. It’s part of our foundation. I use this to teach dogs and teach people a Give all the time. That said, this is a bit of a different approach than normal, not technically or mechanically, but mentally. This session is just another layer of the learning onion, one more time of learning the same lesson, over and over…

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practical disc dog puppy bitework

Practical Disc Dog Puppy Bitework with Wham!

Jack and Wham! work on some disc dog puppy bitework on the big field at the Fahle Ranch.The focus of this session is keeping this young frisbee phenom on task and engaged and to develop and reinforce basic disc dog mechanics: Bite, Drop, and Give. Rollers are thrown in for action and variety. Wham! is a 16 week old Aussie.

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golden ratio of reinforcement give

Golden Ratio of Reinforcement | Epic Give Sessions 2 and 3

We have already talked about how Eppie has a crappy Give and used a cued Drop to address it. Well, it’s still kinda crappy, just a little less so. To quote an Epic YouTube Fan,”Shaping=every repetition is less crappy than the last ????.” Hear, hear, Betsy! Here are the next two…

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reinforcing a give with a drop

Reinforcing a Give with a Cued Drop

Epic has a pretty crappy give. A few weeks ago that crappy Give cost us more than a few points in a big worldwide contest – “Not Cool, Eppie!” and not cool, Ron… It’s been a problem that I’ve dealt with since we started working and it really isn’t that big a deal to me as I don’t really care too much about Toss n Fetch, the extra 3-5 seconds it costs us hasn’t been worth the effort to focus on the skill – there’s so much more to learn and work on… Well, that’s about to change…

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Fixing a Late Drop with a Give

Alternating between Drop and Give provide a strong contrast between the location of the Give and the lack of location on the Drop. I believe this distinction has helped Hops immensely in just the last 2 sessions. It’s also helped us a ton as a team.

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Shaping the Give with a Collar Grab

Sometimes when dogs are learning the game of bitework, they can really tear the disc out of your hand after you ask for the Give. Here’s a simple video that can be quite effective for handling this.

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