Throwing Rollers | Speed & Angles

Ron explains how disc speed and release angle work in throwing Rollers with discs using the Backhand and SideArm releases. These throwing principles hold true with all Roller throws.

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Rewarding with Plastic

Rewarding with Plastic | The Cookie is Next

Many handlers struggle with disc dog skills simply because they think that their only cookie in this game is “the Disc”. The disc is a cookie, but it is not the cookie. THE cookie that is most important in the game of disc is Next. It is far better to have your disc dog working for Next than the disc. So, how does that look and how does that work?

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disc dog reinforcement

Seven Ways to Reinforce Your Disc Dog

At Pawsitive Vybe we look at dog Frisbee through a dog training lens. Disc dog Sequences are just long behavior chains and they require dog training skills to assemble and maintain. Reward and repetition are just as important in this game as they are in regular old dog training. Below are seven ways you can reinforce your dog.

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