Class Excerpt | Braking on the Crossing Pass Form

Ron & Epic do a little Tuesday Afternoon Disc Quan Do laying out some practical advice and practical application of the Yellow Belt Crossing Pass Form. Stopping the dog after the Front Cross provides additional context and understanding of the Form and highlights the Flatwork Process concept covered in DiscDogger Weekly #23.

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Music, Dance, and Disc Dog Freestyle | The Rhythm is In the Gaps

Your disc dog tricks and moves are your beats or dance steps. All the stuff required to set them up and make them look and sound good in flow are the gaps. You need rhythm in your play to create beautiful music and graceful dance instead of just making noise and moving erratically. To create rhythm, you need to mind the gaps.

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Master These 3 Forms to Control and Handle Your Disc Dog

Communication, spatial and situational awareness, and disc handling competence are three key areas for disc dog freestyle that seem to escape the training regiment of most young players. What have you done and are you doing to gain these skills and groom them in your game?

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