Xs and Os in Terms of Dog Training

Dog Frisbee is just dog training with a slightly different focus. It’s easy to forget that. When you’re talking about how shapes and patterns develop, the Xs and Os, it can be helpful to fall back on what you know about dog training.

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A Special Disc Dog Trophy for the MNDDC by Apryl Lea

Apryl made the MN State Championship Trophy and also the Wazee Spirit Trophy for the Minnesota Disc Dog Club. We delivered them to camp this summer. We had to sit on it for a while, as it was kind of a surprise…

This footage was taken in Michigan while on our coast to coast Disc Dog Camp tour.

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disc dog leaping tactics

Eight Ways to Slow Down Your Disc Dog

Slowing down a disc dog’s on field movements is important for safety and performance. It is also important for your dog’s frame of mind as well. Thoughtful and purposeful work is always better than bonkers. Here’s 8 tips to help you slow down your dog:

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Good Dogs on the Lanai

This video features EZ Ryder, Kiva, Ska, Pan Hot, Harpyr, Prima & Si of the PVybe Pack and Captain America, Animal Farm Foundation Assistance Dog candidate hanging out in the early evening sun.

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More Drops with Hops

This is a typical disc dog training session here at Pawsitive Vybe. We grab a leash, a handful of Frisbees, a highly aroused dog and walk across the tracks. This is a training session with Hops from beginning to end.

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Vault as Leaping Foundation

…dogs that vault well but do not leap well do so because the vault is just a simple foundational leaping drill with concrete and easy to achieve criteria…

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Good Dogs Stay Down

Check out the PVybe Pack doing a down stay while we hang out with our neighbor at Pawsitive Vybe HQ. They were all really good dogs.

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SuperAero Field Test and Disc Review

When we got news from Hero that they had a super durable light plastic disc, the SuperAero, it took
me all of 5 minutes to make the decision to purchase 5 for testing and to start planning a Prima Test.

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