Good Dogs on the Lanai

I whipped this little vid together this evening after Apryl & Joe Pajama cleaned up the Lanai. This video features EZ Ryder, Kiva, Ska, Pan Hot, Harpyr, Prima & Si of the PVybe Pack and Captain America, Animal Farm Foundation Assistance Dog candidate hanging out in the early evening sun. We’ll be shooting a lot out here, I think…

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Whoa!? What’s Up with PVybe?

In January, our landlord sent us an email notifying us that she would be putting the PVybe Farm back on the real estate market. Talk about freaking out! What do you do when you have to move on a shoestring budget with a dozen dogs? You freak out that’s what you do! But we believe that when you stumble, the first thing that you need to do is lean forward.

Throwing With Intent

Throwing with Intent is throwing a disc to your dog with the intent to make them look good. Throwing the disc to promote a big leap, to hit the dog in stride on the run or throwing a disc that your dog is going to flip for 10 yards away, is the sign of a mature handler.