Position Homework

Lesson Progress:

Basic Position Drill – Warm Up and Focus

Alternate Between Clock & Counter Clock 3 times. That’s six catches and 3 of each flank. Work this drill 3 or 4 times to get standard Positions and team movement down, and then use it as your warmup or as a focus drill.

Be sure to play it perfect:

Remember that the BSP = wait. BFP = moving wait.

  • Create the Wait with a good verbal cue followed by low-high toss.
  • A nice Drop Cue with ther Basic Flank Pósiton as a cookie for the Cued Drop.
  • Match the hands cleanly in the Front Cross and transition from BFP to BSP.
  • Switch feet appropriately and smoothly on Front Cross.
  • Pull the dog into position with your switching feet.

Low High BSP Only

Throw 5-7 discs to the dog in alternating Basic Standing Positions (Clock then.Counter Clock. Step back between each rep to pull back into BSP and to facilitate the switching of the Flank via the handler’s feet.

3-5 reps (15-35 catches – less is more) is a session. Get 5 Sessions.

(No need to throw with both hands. Your strong hand is plenty. Example starts at 1m27s.)

Better be perfect, this is as simple as it gets:

Vertical is uncatchable and Horizontal is catchable.

  • Simple does not mean Easy
  • BSP Pose means Wait
  • Switch feet and Flank as dog is catching
  • Be sure Low High has Vertical to Horizontal Bounce
  • A bounce is smooth, bouncy, and elastic.
  • Things that stop moving don’t really bounce.

Pose Your Throws!

In all Flatwork and distance work, try to pose your throws. Your dog watching your pose is what makes the throw happen. Get a good look from your dog and deliver a strike from your hand to your dog’s mouth.

(No need to throw with both hands. Your strong hand is plenty. Example starts at 1m53s)

It can’t be a pose if the dog doesn’t see it.

If the dog just goes, don’t throw.


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