Seqencing With Set Up Moves Homework

Lesson Progress:

Work Both Directions

Be sure to add both the clockwise and counter clockwise variants of each set up move. You will want and need this flexibility to take full advantage of the handler’s, the dog’ s, and the team’s skills.

Read the Releases of Your Set Up Moves

Each of your Set Up Moves has a release. At the finish of your Set Up Move, the dog will be in a reliable position moving in a reliable direction.

While you are playing, bookmark and take note of where your Set Up Moves release. Knowing where they release will be key intelligence for advanced sequence building.

Cue Wait While… or Mark with Wait

Be sure to offer your verbal Wait Cue as the dog is doing the set up move. Cuing wait while the trick is happening creates a release that is designed to Wait.

Most of our team’s natural releases are to motion, so the dog will wind up several yards away, looking in awkwardly, perhaps running sideways even…

If the dog gets the wait cue while the trick is happening then the dog resolves the trick for the Wait and creates a stable release that easily hooks up with a pose in BSP…

Another way to think about this is to mark the Set Up Move with a Wait Cue.

Try Fancy

Give Fancy a shot. Read the release of your Through. Intercept that release with the Backwards Through skill.

Shape the Release with a Bite

If your dog insists on some irrational movement at the end of your set up move, just mark the Set Up Move and reinforce with a bite on the disc where you would like the dog to be.

Good luck!

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