Routine Building with Cookies

Lesson Progress:

Manufacturing the Approach

The dog goes to where reinforcement happens, knowing this, to set a particular approach from a particular distance just toss a cookie out there. No sitting, no waiting, no frustration. 

Waiting for Understanding

Make sure that to put a Wait between each element of the sequence. Don’t be afraid to mark and reinforce the Wait randomly to add more value and make it more likely to happen in the future.

Rewarding with Action

Keep in mind the Rewarding with Action concept. Reinforce Attention and toss a cookie to set an approach. The reorientation to the handler by the dog can be marked and reinforced with the cue for the first trick in the sequence.

Reward the first trick of the sequence with a cookie or a Wait cue. Mark the Wait and reinforce with the next trick or a cookie… etc. This can turn the idea of ‘Next’ into a cookie. Reward with Action well, your dog won’t have the time or opportunity to make mistakes.

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