Art of Linking Tricks Homework

Lesson Progress:

Link 5 Tricks 3x to Create 3 – 5 Trick Sequences

Use the Art of Linking Tricks methodology to link 5 of your tricks. Give a good preemptive Wait Cue and hop from pose to pose.

Do 4 reps with waits then run at live speed. This is one session.

Get at least 3 sessions of different sequences.

Basic Position Drill as Stand In…

Use the Basic Position Drill from the Posing & Position module with the Art of Linking tricks idea in mind. It will be the same skill, but you will be focused on the Wait and the release from the Wait to a conditioned response.

Same drill, different focus. It’s great prep for sequence building.

Pose and Low High toss from BSP. Cue Drop and reinforce teeth off with the presentation of the BFP position. Pull the dog around in BFP, cue Wait as you stop and Front Cross. Mark the Wait and reinforce with the BSP pose.

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