Move Homework

Lesson Progress:

Identify Your Dog’s Strong Flank

Which direction does your dog prefer to run. Not many dogs are truly balanced.

Dog peels off on the Weak Flank and marches forward on the Strong Flank

  • If the dog catches and continues moving in line after the catch, that is most likely the strong flank.
  • If the dog peels off and switches direction after the catch, that is most likely the weak flank.
  • Obstacles or barriers on or near the field exert pressure and may alter your dog’s line.
  • Be sure to leverage your dog’s strong flank.
  • Clock throws go clock, and counter throws go counter.

Read the Release

After a catch, read your dog’s release on both the Strong and Weak Flank. You should be able to get a good understanding of how and where your dog will move on each flank. This will allow you to intercept and influence your dog’s flanking movements.

If the dog peels off the handler marches. If the dog marches on, the handler peels off.

  • Figure out which way the dog will release after catch.
  • If the dog peels off, march to where the dog will be and show a Basic Flatwork Position (BFP) in the direction of the dog’s release.
  • Use a Front Cross (switch BFP) to trigger action on the run, set the working line, and/or to lock down BSP (Basic Standing Position).
  • Throw and MOVE!!! 5-12 yards can be easily covered before the catch if you don’t gawk at your dog.

Throw on Flank vs Setting the Flank

All throws out to the side are not equal. Setting the Flank; chucking a disc out to the side, will create a linear approach.

Throwing on the Flank is different. It is hitting the dog on an established arc. This concept goes beyond the scope of this class and is covered in Flatwork. Throwing on the Flank will maintain the arcing pattern and allow the team to hook up as illustrated throughout class.

Dynamic Pendulum Pattern

Moving on the Pendulum flatwork pattern is an amazing way to familiarize yourself with Strong and Weak Flank team movement and sequencing.

After each throw, simply follow the dog and cheat towards the release point of the flank.

A Pendulum is alternating working flanks with throws. Clockwise Flank (or Go Around) and then a Counter Clock Flank.

  • Work off the Drop
  • Declare Working Direction early (BFP or handler’s feet)
  • Plan to Move on the throw.
  • Clock throws go clock, counter throws go counter.
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