Tricks as Set Up Move Homework

Lesson Progress:

Identify and Read Releases of Tricks

Think of the position and direction of your dog on landing as the Release. Identify these releases so you can be prepared and put yourself in position to leverage the dog’s position and movement to your advantage. 

Play Aggressively to Link Tricks

Once you have identified the dog’s release, put yourself in an uncomfortably tight position for your next trick while the dog is navigating the previous trick. 

Practice moving to a trick’s release point while the current skill is still being completed. Expect to be in position when your dog lands, or resolves the trick. 

Use the Flank After Vaults and Overs

One of the coolest and most underused moves is a working flank after a Vault or an Over. 

Set Up an Over or Vault and read the dog’s release in terms of clock or counter clock. Once you have the read, pick the dog up in BFP and pull the dog around a bit on the working flank.

Funnel this movement into BSP using a Front Cross and you will have a beautiful and smooth set up after a Vault or Over.

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