Flatwork Compass with Otto

Kris & Otto work another round of the Flatwork Compass after some instruction on moving towards the dog and blocking the dog’s line with positional pressure. This is a critical aspect of disc dog flatwork that is required to control Team Movement and transition from exterior to interior play.

More Proactive Handler Movement

If you have watched the rest of this series, you can see that Kris is getting much better and proactive handling. He is reliably reading the dog and setting the dog’s line. This is one of the big hidden lessons of the Flatwork Compass.

They’re ready to put it into action by mixing in some flatwork.

Up Next – Fly Chi Flow

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Epic Flatwork Compass for Leaping & FreeFlowing Flatwork

Communication on the fly is a key element of disc dog freestyle and disc dog game play. It is a good idea to have a clear and concise communication system to make on the fly decision making a successful endeavor. Nobody wants to be handcuffed by pattern training. The Flatwork Compass provides a simple and elegant communication system that is based upon natural movements and canine/human pressure and body language.

Flank vs Pass

There are really only 2 ways to throw a disc to your dog, you can Flank or Pass. Ideally you display a mix of both of these types of throws in your freestyle game. Passes are set up with Team Movement but Team Movement is not required to make the throw or the catch. Flanks are also set up with Team Movement and Team Movement is required in the placement and timing of the throw and the catch.