Bitework Criteria with Prima

Travel back in time with Apryl & Prima… An online personal lesson with Apryl Lea from 2017 on bitework criteria and technique for a dog with a weak bite.

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Disc Dog Bitework is a great way to teach the mechanics of disc play: Bite, Drop, and Give. Each of these skills is integral to the game of disc with a dog whether you’re playing freestyle or focused on disc dog games. Ron & Grasshopper work a little bitework in this short session with a focus on drawing attention to the Bite and Drop criteria and the trigger for a Bite.

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Episode 8 of Pawsitive Vybe, dog training & lifestyle show, Bite for Drive focuses on getting dogs who have trouble playing with toys to engage in bitework.

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Bitework is a tremendous exercise for teaching dogs to play disc. Bite, Drop, Give, Drive Management, Patience, Position, and catching can all be taught and reinforced using a thoughtful game of Bitework. Ron & Wham! work some Bitework and demonstrate some of the basic functions of the game.