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Information Wants to Be Free

As of today, Pawsitive Vybe’s online Disc Dog Foundation and Disc Dog Jamming classes are open to the public. 

The original online disc dog freestyle course, founded in 2010 split up and locked down behind a paywall since the beginning, is now available to all jammers — gratis (That Means Free!).

What good is information if it can’t flow freely? 

No longer afraid of people “stealing our stuff”, Apryl and Ron have decided to open source our base level classes. These classes have been the foundation of PVybe style for nearly a decade and have helped many elite players grow to their full potential and rise to the top of the game. 

Foundation Modules


Disc Dog Mechanics 

Set Up & Postion 


Throwing – 20 Lessons

Jamming Modules

Collection & Leaping Mechanics (More to Come…)

Routine Building 

Vaults & Overs 


Dusting Things Off & Tuning Things Up

This stuff is a bit old and stale when it comes to aesthetics and some of it is somewhat immature – It’s been 5 years since it’s been updated, but is still amazing foundational content and is more relevant today than ever before. 

Ron will be cleaning things up and dialing things in, and Apryl & Ron will be freshening up some of the videos and lessons to bring the content up to our current understanding and PVybe standards. 

If You Dig It, Share It

We did not come to this decision lightly. These classes have been very important to Pawsitive Vybe as a business and to Apryl & Ron as teachers and jammers wishing to spread the jam. 

If you appreciate this content, please share it widely with your fellow disc dog freestylers and dog sport connections. Spreading the Jam as best we can has been our method of operation for 15 years. We’d love to be able to continue to do it. Giving things away spreads the jam and lives up to our credo and spreading this freely available content will help us continue on our mission. 

Hope to see you at a camp or seminar real soon so you can catch the new stuff that Pawsitive Vybe has to offer. 

It’s a Good Day to…
Spread the Jam

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