Spooky Jam 2011: And the Winners Are…

So Spooky Jam 2011 is history. Apryl, Abby and I really enjoyed going through all the videos and we’ve gotten great feedback from many, many people, so I think it’s safe to assume that other people had just as much fun as we did. But the people who had the most fun, for sure, were the people that got spooky and dressed up, jammed, and then edited their videos.

Apryl, Abby and I are all bummed that we did not participate in the video production this year, and we’ll be back – en force – next year with some super spooky vids.

Before I officially announce the winners, I’d like to thank everyone who entered this years contest and rocked out. You awed us, made us laugh and entertained us. I’d like to thank our sponsors: DK Vaulting Vests, Good Dog Sports, Tugs by Tena and PVybe Fargo. I’d also like to thank all of you who took the time to watch, comment and vote for your favorite videos. Those of you who shared the contest on social media sites also deserve a special thanks for catapulting the propaganda.

Click Here to See all the Spooky Jam 2011 Video Submissions!

Alright… The winners are…

Best Dog Costume – Taking home some hand made Tugs by Tena…

Emery Family Spooky Jam – Lindsay Best & Ember


Best Human Costume –  Getting something Awesome from Good Dog Sports…

Bat Dog – Lindsay Thompson & Brick


Best Freestyle Jam – Receiving $100 towards a DK Vaulting Vest…

It’s Groovy! – Jack Fahle & Groovy


Grand Champion – Winning the Grateful Jack-O-Lantern and Custom Abby Art…

Bat Dog – Lindsay Thompson & Brick

2011 Spooky Jam Grand Champion: Bat Dog by Team Brick from Lindsay Thompson on Vimeo.

Click Here to See all the Spooky Jam 2011 Video Submissions!

Bringing it Home:

Thanks again for a great contest, everybody. Y’all rocked!

If all of the competitors who entered videos this year would contact us via email, I would really appreciate it. We’ve got some door prizes that we’re still trying to wrap our heads around for all of the participants. And the winners definitely need to contact us so we can get you in touch with the companies who will be hooking up with you on your prizes.

We hope to see you all play next year!


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