Lights, Camera… Spooky!

Get some spooky duds together, work on your moves and get your cameras warmed up. The second annual Pawsitive Vybe Spooky Jam is on!

All you have to do is dress up and get spooky on camera with your disc dog, post it on youtube and then drop the link in the comment section below or on the Spooky Jam Page.

Entries will be posted on the Spooky Jam Page on October 29th and will be allowed until midnight October 31st. Voting runs from the 30th through midnight on November 3rd. The winners will be announced on Nov. 4th.

We will choose winners in 4 categories:

  • Best Overall Video
  • Best Freestyle Jam
  • Best Human Costume
  • Best Dog Costume


I’ve mentioned some awesome sponsors and sweet prizes, so here they are:

DK Vaulting Vests

DK Vaulting Vests

D.K. Douglas Company will be putting up $100 credit towards the purchase of a Custom Fit, logo’d DK Vaulting Vest for the winner of the Best Freestyle Jam category.

Check out DK Vaulting Vests

PVybe Fargo

PVybe Fargo

Abby Cline of PVybe Fargo will be offering custom canine art to one or more of our lucky and talented winners.

Visit PVybe Fargo


Good Dog Sports

Good Dog Sports Photography

A Custom Collage by Good Dog Sports is up for grabs for a winning entry as yet to be determined. Kat is an awesome photographer with tons of experience shooting disc dogs and dog sports.

Visit Good Dog Sports


Tugs by Tena

Tugs by Tena

Tena Parker, disc dogger, dog trainer and weaver of fleece will be throwing in a pair of tugs hand weaved performance tugs for a top ranked video.

Check out Tena’s Tugs!

Oh, I almost forgot about Pawsitive Vybe…

The Best Overall Video will receive a custom piece of Apryl Art, the Grateful Jack-o-Lantern, a 24×30″ spooky metal sculpture. Pvybe is also putting up some DiscDogger’s Toolkits to one or more winners and a random non-winning participant in the contest.

That’s some nice swag!

So, get a plan together and make it happen and be part of this Halloween Disc Dog tradition.

Click here to visit last year’s event page.

Last Years Big Weiner!

More Dogs than Days

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