PVybe Movie Stars

Well alright, they were just commercials, but the dogs were totally stars…

Right before Camp Hops, Ska and Soupy were selected to do some filmwork for Bissell for some commercials that they’re shooting for some new products their unveiling.

Bissell is headquartered a few miles from Pawsitive Vybe HQ in Grand Rapids, MI and they do quite a bit of work with local rescue dogs.

The casting call was at their Pet Spot, a fantastic facility attached to their corporate offices where employees can bring their dogs to work with them.

Our dogs killed the audition and were given the starring roles 2 separate shoots – one for Pawsitively Clean, a new line of pet cleaning products and one for a super secret project they have going that we are not at liberty to talk about.

The shoots went real well and we made some great connections with media production companies. We are looking forward to working with all of these great people again as well as having a working relationship with Bissell.

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