Save Ferris | Righteous Dude Flatwork and Flow With Ferris Fahle


Jack & Ferris work on some Flatwork, Shapes, and Flow for the Cheetah 9000 drone and for UpDog judging Concepts. Wound up being an Ingenuity session. #teamhero #UpDogChallenge

Jack and I have been working on UpDog Judging stuff for a while. I’ve posted a couple of Judges Concepts videos here of late…
One of the things we’ve been working on is “Shapes”. I’ve really been digging the footage we’re getting; I think it has amazing potential to create great understanding about the intangibles of the game.
Intangibles, like Flatwork and Shapes are what makes Flow happen. And more importantly, these intangibles make Fun happen and make having fun easy.
Here’s a session that got a bit out of hand and off topic. We were supposed to be doing Shapes and Flatwork and we got an Ingenuity Session. Go Fahle…
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