Rec’d on YT | Marshall McLuhan on technology and media (1966)

Though most of McLuhan’s media appearances have been uploaded to youtube, I didn’t see this one. Here is McLuhan in conversation with Studs Terkel in front of an audience at Kendall College.

Topics discussed include
— the radical individualism produced by modern technology
— the illusory nature of the “population explosion”
— how modern media creates a demand for intimate participation

If you like McLuhan, I uploaded a lecture by his student Walter Ong:

Like his student, Walter Ong, McLuhan was a devout Catholic. Unlike Ong, McLuhan was a critic of Vatican II and the liturgical changes that followed. McLuhan was not, however, a stereotypical “traditionalist”. He deemed Vatican II and the Novus Ordo to be out of date, rather than revolutionary. They manifest concepts of the “future” held by intellectuals forged in the 19th century. For McLuhan, a rejuvenation of traditional liturgy, rather than its replacement by a bureaucratic, rationalist creation, would have been far more appropriate for a generation on the cusp of postmodernity, rather than a ritual that hearkens to the Cartesian ideals of high Modernism.
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