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Do Then Cue – Putting Behaviors Before the Cued Drop for Proofing Purposes

Cue Before Do is standard operating procedure for teaching a cued Drop with discs. Cue Before Do means that you ask for and get the Drop behavior before giving the cookie which is “Do” – throw, next move, bite, etc. Because disc dog freestyle is really nothing more than a series of long behavior chains, many of which are dependent upon having the disc out of the dog’s mouth to complete, this makes complete sense and is logically sound.

Epic Team Movement | How to Shape and Control Your Dog’s Movement After Catch

This piece is building off of the Stop Putting the Cart Before the Horse piece from a few days ago.
We call the dog’s movement after a catch the Release. As in, “the dog releases clockwise”, or “the dog releases to the handler”. Your dog has natural releases, conditioned releases, patterned releases, and situational releases. And it is not at all clear which one is which. It’s a good idea to be present and aware before and after the catch and to understand your dog’s movements after the catch.

Flash Jam Test Sequence with Loot

Front Cross to Rut n Flip Fish this is an interesting transition. it took me a few moments to wrap my head around

Interior Flatwork | How to Stop, Line Up & Lock In Your Disc Dog in 14 Seconds

Flatwork is the simple application of positional pressure and reward Placement. Expressing and executing that simple application to get the type of movement you want is anything but simple, but it is that easy.