Release has many meanings in disc. Throws and throw variations can be referred to as releases. Sometimes you talk about the dog releasing something, the toy, or the environment, as in to stop pursuing it or giving it up. How tricks finish and move after the finish is the Release.

Release and Resolution of the Trick

At Pawsitive Vybe when it comes to disc dog freestyle, the Release is how the dog or team resolves a trick or set up move in terms of position and movement. If the dog releases down field after the Around, it means he has left the handler. The dog releases clockwise after the catch, perhaps, or releases towards the handler after a flip. Vaults have strong Releases.

  • Throw Variations
  • To voluntarily give up
  • How the dog moves after a trick or set up move

This is the finish of a Hoop. The trick releases to the clockwise flank behind the handler. Ron will simply look left, over his shoulder and Epic will be running towards the light pole, looking at the handler after landing.