Chillin In Kingston

Prima n juicy chillin in Kingston while scouting out locations for Canine Interaction Class, Pawsitive Vybe’s version of dog obedience. Canine Interaction class is positive dog training in public spaces.

Interaction class is fun, as you can see here. Classes will start in late summer 2011.

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Behind the Scenes | Routine Building Notes

Sneak Peak Access for Patrons Only… Public Access Dec 7 | It looks as if Routine Building is going to be the topic of choice to get this jam rolling. I’ll let the poll play out, and this might change, but I got thinking about “Deep Work”, a topic that crossed my path to today, and the outline wrote itself in minutes. 


  1. They need to head to Alberta Canada and do some real cool chillin!!! We would be happy to have them. Ohh and you also Ron *L*

  2. We’ll wait until summer, than you very much, Marion! 😉
    Spring has still not quite sprung up here yet either…
    Stay warm!

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