What Is Your Athletic History?

As we start into the practical part of this course we are going to be talking about athletics. Team concepts, mechanics, movement, timing, all of these things are going to come into play over the next few weeks.

One thing that I like to do as an instructor is to get a handle on the athletic history of the people that I’m working with. I’ve coached several sports and have participated and competed in more than a few as well. The list of sports I’m familiar with is pretty extensive.  If you let me know your athletic history, I will probably be able to funnel some of this athletic discussion we are going to have into comfortable and familiar territory for most of you.

This can be a hugely beneficial in helping me tailor and personalize instruction and will create some shorthand communication that we can use throughout this course.

Please tell us a bit about your athletic history in the comments below.

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  1. Ron Watson Post author

    You name it, I played it.

    I coached Springboard diving and Gymnastics as well…

  2. mosstheboss2000

    Lots of ‘horse riding’ from age 7 into my late 20’s…. hunter, jumper. Dogs sports! 🙂 Agility and Flyball.
    Played Volleyball in Highschool! Nothing else competive but enjoyed, racket sports too 🙂

    I was HORSE obsessed! 🙂

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Right on Cindy!
      Your horse stride stuff, and a good deal of the jumping technique is totally in effect here. It’s just a little different because of the target focused nature of it.

      Racket sports? A Backhand throw is a racket technique and there’s tons of stuff to work with there.

      Thanks for sharing!

  3. Kea Grace

    I’m a western horseback rider, avid hiker and have played volleyball and basketball. I’m a martial artist and practice Pencak Silat. I’m incredibly uncoordinated, though, and body movements have to be carefully rehearsed into muscle memory for me.

  4. elustig

    I’ve played football and baseball in high school, I coach and played softball and fastpitch, I bowl in a league and enjoy playing corn hole, horse shoes and frisbee

  5. johnvanslyke

    Like you I’ve done a lot. Played soccer and lacrosse at varsity level in high school and continued playing Div 1 lacrosse in college (Dartmouth College). I dabble in just about every sport there is. I’ve done 8 Ironman triathlons including the Hawaii Ironman 4 times. Expert skier. I have a USTA 4.5 rating in tennis which I play 2-3 times per week. I run a lot with the dogs and am in pretty good shape at 47yo.

    My dog handling skills are limited though. I always had a dog growing up but never did much training. I jumped right in about 6 months ago getting 2 rescue dogs which you have seen in the video. I like a challenge and took in the deaf BC from Glen Highland Sweet Border Collie Rescue in Morris , NY (you should do a clinic there!). He is a superb athlete but is definitely a challenge. I am struggling with just the basics right now but already you have helped me a lot.

    Would love to hook up in person once you get settled in NY.


    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Looks like we have a lot to work with there, John.
      We’ll hook up in NY.
      We’re leaving here next weekend.

  6. joe durham

    Good Morning,

    Tennis player back in the day, coached my daughter in tennis for years.

    Lately no sports to speak of just trying to stay in shape with weights and some cardio.

  7. Jean

    When I was a kid growing up girls were discouraged from playing sports, and I ran up against discrimination everywhere. I could throw a baseball fast, far, and accurately, had quick reflexes as a fielder, and was a decent batter, but I was barred from Little League baseball due to an extra X chromosome. So I climbed trees, and played baseball, football, and basketball with my big brother and some kids I hung out with. A lot of frisbee on the beach with my brother. Surfing at the New Jersey shore from 11-14. Horseback-riding/training in my teens. Took up rugby in college, initially on a men’s team, since there weren’t any women’s. Rowing. Rock-climbing. Pick-up games of soccer. Then nothing competitive for some years (just lots of hiking and physical labor, maybe an occasional 5K run) until taking up agility in 2004. Then disc dog in 2007.

  8. chardy

    i use to play basketball back when i was in high school
    but right now im in badminton

  9. Lovisa

    I tried several sports when I was younger but sticked with basket ball for several years and then karate in my teens.. After a horse back riding accident there has been quite a lot of physiotherapy.. Not a sport per se, but still somewhat athletic..

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Thanks for sharing everybody. This will help me address you in comfortable terms and understandable language.

  10. Emily Heitzmann

    I have done a lot of horse riding and jumping, competitive cycling and running. Also dog agility, but my dogs do most of the work there! 🙂

  11. discdogbob

    I’ve played racketball, volleyball, softball at the club level. Mainly I play frisbee now with dogs. A little golf, I’m a physical therapist so I have a good theoretical knowledge of movement, and training.

  12. Brooks Gentleman

    I currently play tennis, hockey, bike, run, snowboard, ski, and lift weights.

  13. Parapente

    Hey Ron I play basketball as a point guard all my life. I wonder how this can translate but I am sure you ‘ll come up with something.

  14. Jack Fahle

    I know we already talked about this, but pretty much I played everything relatively well. Basketball, soccer, and track in school. Rec hockey most of my adult life.

  15. Noela

    Hard to tell. I’ve done many sports, I don’t even remember in my life but not stuck with them. The 6 last years I’ve been mostly obsessed with track racing with motorcycles. Also begun giving room to bicycle again and did yoga till summer. When I was younger I was committed to karate and did well on competiotions. Also played a lot of basketball, did skiiing, sailing, horse riding. Had also experience in tennis, table tennis, para gliding, oh a little kick boxing as well. Since summer I’ve been addicted to agility and dropped everything else except the bicycle.

  16. Kirby

    Lacrosse player and coach. Played HS lacrosse and Division 1 collegiate lax (Lehigh) also coached Middle School and HS girls. Played tennis in HS and play recreationally now. Currently play golf, cycle, run, yoga, some strength stuff/lifting, play agility with my dogs. I’ve been riding horses since I was really little. I was competitive growing up (hunters and jumpers) and now ride recreationally. Generally a pretty active, outdoorsy person so I also hike, kayak, sail etc.

  17. Kim Pease

    Growing up, I did a lot of figure skating, sailing, skiing and snowboarding. I was competitive in figure skating. I was more of powerhouse with strong glide moves in skating. I did race sailboat from sunfish to 34 footer. I was anything from tactician to winch grinder to fore deck crew on the boats. I mountain biked. I hope to get back into that. The bike is tuned and read to go this year already.

    Currently, boxing, snowboarding, hiking, horseback riding, flyball (serious flyball addict). and snow shoeing (flat terrain). I have trained dogs in agility and competed. I just play with jumps, tunnels and weaves at home now. I am doing real boxing not the aerobic boxing. I live on a hobby farm with lots of farm work, pushing wheelbarrows full of manure, fixing fencing, etc…. I am training my mini horse to do some agility, show classes, pull a cart. Goats can walk on a loose leash. I am training my rescue Draft Belgian horse to be ridden. I do a merge between what I learn in horse world with stuff in dog world. Horse people think I am nuts.

    I do have a competitive streak, but it is not major. My philosophy, dog must have fun, I must have fun, things will fall where they may.

  18. shennessey

    HAHA, this is a funny question for me. “Athletic” history. Athletics and I, truly, have not been good friends for many years. That’s one of the reasons I got a high drive dog, to force myself back out “there” beyond the walls of my house.

    Back in elementary school and Jr. high, I played basketball, so I’m most familiar with that sport, but I’m not sure if using basketball terminology would really help me all that much at this point.

    I’ve done a tiny bit of competitive show-jumping, so I understand things like “changing leads” to a certain extent (most people don’t consider horseback riding to be athletics though 😉

    I’m a 28 year old with some severe alignment issues due to massively collapsed arches and mild juvenile arthritis in my hands… hows that for athletic history, lol! I know that it will hamper the amount of “wicked cool” stuff I can do with the disc, but to be honest I’m not too concerned with competition or vaulting. I want to have a blast with my dog and get solid on playing the whole field… if we get to the point where we can compete and do vaults, that’s gravy… I do love gravy, though!!

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