Expanding the PVR

The way the Pawsitive Vybe Ribbon is constructed, our dogs are likely to mistake the PVR for a simple Go Around. If we look at the grayed out path that represents a typical PVR pattern, we can see that it’s quite close to a Go Around set up move.

We’re going to use Reward Placement to place value on an arc at a particular distance around the handler.

Choosing the Arc

Notice the grayed out circle. That’s the arc that we’re going to try to put our reinforcement on (throw the disc there). If we can get enough reps on that arc the dog will gravitate to that distance. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Let’s choose a 5-7 meter arc.


Setting the Arc

Once we’ve chosen the Arc, we’ll need to set it. So we have the PVR is set up after our dog drops. As the dog commits to the Consequent Cue, we’re going to push a disc outside the dog’s line, on about a 45 degree angle to the side the dog is going.
The idea here is that we push them further out than normal. We then call the drop and toss the next disc out along the arc. Call the drop and repeat. Several reps of this and we’ll get a bit of breathing space on the regular PVR.

Left or Right Handed

We can work this in both directions, but most dogs will have a strong and a weak side. If our dog is stopping and reversing field on us, odds are that we’re running the dog in the wrong direction. It is possible to work through this, but we should avoid learning on the weak side.

Get Out Instead of Reward for Position

Expanding the PVR can be done by teaching a Get Out, agility style. We’ve not been working that here at PVybe because we’ve wanted to develop the Rewarding for Position methodology.

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  1. Jeff Socha

    Willyou have a video for this post

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Lol… Probably not…
      I’ve not been able to get this to work right. I have done it, I can do it, but can’t seem to do it all the time with all the dogs and I don’t explain it very well. It’s frustrating.
      So the concept works, as written, but I can’t demonstrate it at this time.

      I think we will do a video on ‘Get Out’ later in the week.


      1. Jeff Socha

        The diagram looks like around the world but I know it’s not. how is different? Brodie will come in from the front I try and force him counter clockwise with a short toss to the left, if he bites it he’ll try and turn back to clockwise, (like in zig zag) but I toss another one to the left to encourage the arc and get him away. is this the same?

        1. Ron Watson Post author

          It is very similar. The only difference is intent. With this you are trying to push the dog away. So you’re throwing it a little behind the dog’s path, further out than the dog’s chosen line.

          Also setting it is different, again, the thrower is throwing to a line that is further away than the dog is offering.

          As far as your around the world, you are running your Brodie to his weak side. Any time the dog is breaking off the circular pattern odds are you are running them to their weak side.

          I’ll make a post about that for sure… If I don’t in the next day or so, Remind me Jeff. Really important!

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