Totally Epic Flash Jam 2020 #3

This sequence was a bit tougher than I thought it was going to be. I had quite a bit of trouble remembering it… Not sure why.

We cut some of the repetitions which we have not needed to do before due to the poor memory I displayed while trying to navigate the sequence. And we had to come out and do another session to wrap up the filming.

It was a far better lesson than the Lesson section explores, just not much to talk about in that part. Lots of cool moves, or movement concepts were explored as well. This was an interesting jam, for sure.

The Lesson

Lose the Jakie Spin or Fix It…

This was not a good idea. We don’t have the move. It probably shouldn’t be in there… Putting the Jakie Twist in there worked and it looked good.

The Jam

Lift to Flank

The working flank after the Weightless Lift looked and felt good. It should be able to go either way, too.

Flank to Scoot

This worked and felt better than expected. It sure beats starting the Scoot from front position. It will be a keeper and a movement we use in the future.

Eppie started to drift into the Scoot with a bit of a side shimmy kind of movement. Might be a way to get sideways walking movement.

Scoot to Around

Scoot to Around Counter was pretty smooth. It reminds me of a Thru… Wait kind of move, where the handler turns to stop the dog after the Thru Set Up Move.

And we do this all the time, but the Around movement after the Scoot seemed to make it a bit tighter and more of a purposeful movement. It’s going to be a keeper.

Jakie Twist to Thru n Flip

This is pretty flashy. Another keeper. Have to clean up the disc handling to ensure that I’m prepared, but it’s a nifty little move.

Rebound to Get Back

Another move that we’ve done before, but had forgotten. It works quite well and is fairly unique. Might have to try it to Muppet Scoot.

Get Back to Vault Clock

This worked pretty well, but was poorly executed on video. It felt good.

Not sure if it would be better to do to a Counter Vault or not, but I do think that the Get Back movement to some kind of vault will be something we work in the future.

It might be a good idea to try to work a Holger type set up on this with the Vault Clock… We’ll see.

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