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Epic’s Clever Set Up Moves | Volume 1 Part I | Scoots & Fakies

Disc Dog freestyle sequences have a starting position, often it is Front Position – dog standing in front of the handler. Set Up Moves are ways of getting set up in time and space. They get the team into position and in time.
Most players have a go-to Set Up Move, or 3, but it is important to have a variety of entries into the positions that start sequences to keep things interesting and to display and enhance flow.
In this epic video there are 13 different set up moves, some are fairly standard, and some are pretty clever. Below we’ll name and define them and talk about usage and pros and cons.

Whoa!? What’s Up with PVybe?

In January, our landlord sent us an email notifying us that she would be putting the PVybe Farm back on the real estate market. Talk about freaking out! What do you do when you have to move on a shoestring budget with a dozen dogs? You freak out that’s what you do! But we believe that when you stumble, the first thing that you need to do is lean forward.


  1. How much FUN is that camera!!!!!! I gotta get one now….oh crap just bought a house, gonna have to put it on my Chrsitmas list 😉

    Nice to see you guys even if only by camera, or at least see your shadow and Apryl from a distance. Nice job with Si Ron.

    Mary Muliett

    1. That camera is super cool. Roo hooked us up with it as you can tell by the footage. Apryl’s shadow will be making an appearance in the near future.
      Miss you ladies…

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