Canine Freestyle Winter 09 – Class 2

The dogs did much better getting focused and getting to work quickly.

The free shaped table on entry is proving to be a valuable asset to the class. The dogs should have a different idea about entering our training studio and the tone is appropriately set for work and success.

A station for backing up was set up as were 2 pedastals for spinSpins and Twists are tricks where the dog spins 360 degrees in a clockwise or counter clockwise fashion. Spin is clockwise and Twist is counter clockwise so it is important to have a cue for each skill. Feel free to call them what you want.... More and distance work.

Foundational set up moves:

  • Circle Clockwise/Circle Counter Clock
  • Backwards ThroughIf your dog moves through your legs from back to front, that is a backwards Through. The Backwards Through usually sets up in one of two ways depending on where your dog’s starting position is. Either your dog is already behind you, in which case it’s a straight shot through your legs to the front of you. Or your dog... More

During floortime, several of the handler’s really made great strides towards really moving their dogs around out there. Dog and handler started to look like a team.

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