Pawsitive Vybe UpDog PacMan Jam Aug 1, 2021 Results

So our first UpDog in St Louis went well. We had a terrific turn out with nearly 120 runs. It was a beautiful day and, I think we all had a great time. I had some audio trouble and was unable to run everything wirelessly from my phone and was not as efficient as I would have liked, but Paige Curtis stepped up to rescue me, manning the sound to make the trains run on time and provide some fun sound effects and tunes for us for most of the day.

Thanks a ton to Barb Champaigne for stepping up to judge the Dog category in FS and do some time as a field judge and to Deb Mardin for covering for Apryl at work so that Apryl could be our FS Team Judge. Thanks also go out to Aleaha Parmeley for stepping up to be the Execution judge.

Drone’s eye view of the Pawsitive Vybe UpDog Pac Man Jam Field | Aug 1, 2021. Wakawakawaka…

Event Results

4Way Play

Level 1

Caitlyn OlvittKestra30Open
Sydnie SchneiderEverly27Open
Steve GannonStella24Open
Aslyn EstillCato22Novice
Don GamacheRain20Novice
Ellie StiversWhoops22Open
Ellie StiversMochi19Open
Lexi GamacheRain18Novice
Lynze SmithTip Toe17Open
Ellie StiversMerlin19Open 
Amy OlvittSpree19Novice
Steve GannonPenny16Open
Sydnie SchneiderMalarkey15Open
Pat WaterkotteSlate15Novice
Winter KelevraLunacy16Open
Desiree DrakeChloe16Novice
Lexi GamacheWally15Novice
Steve GannonCopper15Open
Winter KelevraClutch13Open
Kris RiedyOtto10Novice
Catherine ParuzTwitch10Novice
Desiree DrakeTipsy10Novice
Paige CurtisBandicoot11Novice
Caitlyn OlvittKite7Open
Marra LuechtefeldCipher7Novice
Alena WolinsSummer6Novice
Aleaha ParmeleyHarbor6Novice
James OlvittSpree2Novice

Level 2

Bella RoweJuno24
Bella RoweStardust20
Winter KelevraDare13


Level 1

Ellie StiversWhoops82Open
Steve GannonCopper70Open
Ellie StiversMerlin65Open
Caitlyn OlvittKestra62Open
Steve GannonStella55Open
Lynze SmithTip Toe54Open
Bella RoweStardust53Open
Aslyn EstllCato51Novice
Ellie StiversHocus43Open
Ellie StiversMochi42Open
Winter KelevraDare33Open
Amy OlvittSpree33Novice
James OlvittSpree33Novice
Bella RoweJuno33Open
Steve GannonPenny32Open
Desiree DrakeChloe32Novice
Maddie BaileyVolt27Open
Pat WaterkotteSlate26Novice
Desiree DrakeTipsy26Novice
Paige CurtixBandicoot24Novice
Don GamacheRain15Novice
Lexi GamacheRain15Novice
Sydnie SchneiderEverly15Open
Alena WolinsSummer10Novice
Kris RiedyOtto10Novice
Sydnie SchneiderMalarkey10Open
Catherine ParuzTwitch10Novice
Lexi GamacheWally5Novice
Marra LuechtefeldCipher5Novice


HandlerDog NameDogHuman TeamSuccessSweet Spot PointsTotal Freestyle Score
Novice Division

Pat WaterkotteSlate2116.25176.75162.00
Amy OlvittSpree20.2515.59.56.5253.75
Alena WolinsSummer11.2511.259.755.75139.00

Open Division

Ellie StiversHocus24.520267.25279.75
Ellie StiversMerlin2320257075.00
Bella RoweStardust24.2518.2521.257.25273.00
Caitlyn OlvittKestra2316.7519.57268.25
Bella RoweJuno21.516.2519.257.5165.50
Steve GannonCopper21.7515.75138.25260.75
Steve GannonStella20.515.25148158.75
Steve GannonPenny1515167.75255.75
Maddie BaileyVolt19.2516.511.254.75152.75
Ellie StiversWhoops13.7514.7511.255.5045.25


Level 1

Steve GannonCopper125Open
Steve GannonPenny115Open
Aslyn EstillCato110Novice
Lynze SmithTip Toe105Open
Paige CurtisBandicoot95Novice
Caitlyn OlvittKestra90Open
Steve GannonStella90Open
Ellie StiversWhoops78Open
Winter KelevraDare58Open
Lexi GamacheWally58Novice
Amy OlvittSpree50Novice
Ellie StiversMerlin43Open
Marra LuechtefeldPoetry40Novice

Level 2

Bella RoweStardust12Weaves180
Bella RoweJuno12Weaves80

Spaced Out 

Level 1

Ellie StiversHocus60Open
Steve GannonStella60Open
Kris RiedyOtto50Novice
Caitlyn OlvittKestra55Open
Ellie StiversWhoops50Open
Steve GannonCopper55Open
Steve GannonPenny55Open
Winter KelevraDare50Open
Ellie StiversMochi45Open
Amy OlvittSpree50Novice
Bella RoweJuno50Open
Bill RoweJuno50Novice
Ellie StiversMerlin45Open
Don GamacheRain45Novice
Alena WolinsSummer15Novice
Aslyn EstillCato15Novice
James OlvittSpree10Novice
Lexi GamacheWally15Novice
Winter KelevraClutch15Open
Bill RoweStardust15Novice
Pat WaterkotteSlate15Novice
Paige CurtisBandcoot10Novice
Lexi GamacheRain10Open
Maddie BaileyVolt10Open
Aleaha ParmeleyHarbor5Novice
Anna ParuzTwitch5Novice

Level 2

Ron Watson75
Bella Rowe25

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