Canine Freestyle Winter 09 – Class 2

The dogs did much better getting focused and getting to work quickly.

The free shaped table on entry is proving to be a valuable asset to the class. The dogs should have a different idea about entering our training studio and the tone is appropriately set for work and success.

A station for backing up was set up as were 2 pedastals for spin and distance work.

Foundational set up moves:

  • Circle Clockwise/Circle Counter Clock
  • Backwards Through

During floortime, several of the handler’s really made great strides towards really moving their dogs around out there. Dog and handler started to look like a team.

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Epic’s Clever Set Up Moves | Volume 1 Part I | Scoots & Fakies

Disc Dog freestyle sequences have a starting position, often it is Front Position – dog standing in front of the handler. Set Up Moves are ways of getting set up in time and space. They get the team into position and in time.
Most players have a go-to Set Up Move, or 3, but it is important to have a variety of entries into the positions that start sequences to keep things interesting and to display and enhance flow.
In this epic video there are 13 different set up moves, some are fairly standard, and some are pretty clever. Below we’ll name and define them and talk about usage and pros and cons.

Throwing With Intent

Throwing with Intent is throwing a disc to your dog with the intent to make them look good. Throwing the disc to promote a big leap, to hit the dog in stride on the run or throwing a disc that your dog is going to flip for 10 yards away, is the sign of a mature handler.