Disc Dog Radio #4 | XTrain: Dock Jumping | 2007

Disc Dog Radio #4 | XTrain: Dock Jumping | July, 26 2007

Cross training discussion with Tony from Splash Dogs.

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DiscDog Puppy Foundational Team Movement | Front & Rear Crosses with Cookies

Team Movement is a great skill to teach to a puppy. It can be done in systematic fashion with cookies rather quickly. We have already worked to teach 5 Set Up Moves in 5 Minutes and created a communication system of sorts, now we’ll apply the same methods towards laying the foundation of Front and Rear Crosses.

Repeating Rear Cross

The Repeating Rear CrossOn a Rear Cross, the dog switches Flanks with the behind her. From clock to counter clockwise Flank or vice versa. Taken…

Session Recap | Epic Flatwork & Flow Jam 06.10.2020 Part III

Today’s session featured the same throws, a Footbrush and that Weightless throw, but the lines were set up with a Rear Cross. The Rear Cross set up provides a little more control than the Front Cross, but timing these throws was still a tough proposition.

Disc Dog Flatwork Session with Loot

Any place out to your left or right side, further than Heel or Side position, that area is your Flank. When your dog is out there to your side a ways and you are working and moving together, that is what we call Working the Flank. It means you and your dog are hooked up and are performing team movement.

Jam in a Flash – Move

This sequence should just be called Move, as that seems to be the essence of it. The handler will chase the dog throughout this sequence, making the throw and chase the dog. By following the throw the handler will demonstrate efficient and active handling and will cover a bunch of the field. This is a great way to increase your field presentation.