Rec’d on YT | Knute Rockne and Notre Dame Beating Army In 1913 Is the Most Important Game In History

This video by Jon Johnston, titled “Knute Rockne and Notre Dame Beating Army In 1913 Is the Most Important Game In History” focuses on the significant 1913 Army vs. Notre Dame football game, a pivotal moment in the sport’s history. The game is notable for its introduction of the forward pass as a key offensive strategy. This technique had been legalized in 1906 but was limited in usefulness due to various restrictions. By 1912, rule changes, including the specification of the football’s size and the reclassification of an incomplete pass as a non-turnover, made the forward pass more effective.

Notre Dame, then a small, relatively unknown Midwestern school, faced challenges in gaining recognition and faced biases, including anti-Catholic sentiment. Their 1909 victory over Michigan brought some notoriety. Under coach Jesse Harper, they sought to play against more prominent teams, leading to the match with Army.

The game itself defied expectations. Army was favored, but Notre Dame’s innovative use of the forward pass, particularly between quarterback Charlie Dorais and receiver Knute Rockne, stunned spectators and opponents alike. Dorais’s effective passing and Rockne’s innovative receiving techniques, including the first instances of catching on the run, revolutionized football. Notre Dame won decisively, 35-13.

This victory not only brought national recognition to Notre Dame but also dramatically changed football tactics. The game’s impact extended beyond Notre Dame’s rise in prominence; it marked the beginning of modern football, showcasing the effectiveness and excitement of the passing game. The video concludes with Johnston inviting discussions about other significant games in college football history and encouraging viewers to engage with and share his channel.

00:00 – Start
00:42 – A New Offensive Weapon
02:36 – Notre Dame in 1913
05:45 – Knute Rockne
09:18 – The Game
16:21 – Impact
18:59 – Conclusion



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