Rec’d on YT | How ecological learning changes the role of the coach

Dr Andrew Wilson, a reader in psychology at Leeds Beckett University and part of the leadership team for Southampton’s Learning Lab, explains how the ecological approach changes the role of the coach.

They go “from being the source of knowledge or the correct solution to a designer of environments and constraints.”

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Ecological and Enactive Aspects of the Primal Elements of Play+

The Primal Elements of Play are a featured aspect of Play+, and are shaped and honed as a product of embodied experiences. Over the course of the development of this philosophy, JJ Gibson’s Affordance theory and direct perception crossed my path and the Primal Elements seem to be key elements of the perceptual array for direct perception.

Shaping the Approach

Team’s move together. The only time a team runs at each other without cooperation or purposeful cooperative movement is when the play is done. To keep the flow going and demonstrate Team Movement in dog frisbee, the dog and handler should be moving together, you know, like a team.