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Rec’d on YT | Tactics Tuesday: Perchwork, Primal Games & CupCake Moves | DiscDog Dojo #134 🐶🥏🎯

Welcome to Tactics Tuesday, episode #134! Get ready for a strategic and engaging session of disc dog tactics and play, featuring some of our talented furry companions.

In the spotlight tonight are the tactical experts: Ron Watson, Epic, 🧁CupCake🧁, da 👑King👑, and the newest team member, 🐾Ken Du🐾.

Shaping the Around for Lateral and UpField Movement

Go Around is a standard Set Up Move in disc dog freestyle. It creates timing and position with movement and is the standard set up for toss and fetch. It is this standard set up for toss and fetch that dominates the movement and as a result, most Arounds resolve or release to the front of the handler at 12 o clock in clockwise fashion.