Rec’d on YT | Disc Dog Puppy Ken Du | Give & Take – Multiple

Ron & Ken play a little Give & Take with discs using cued Bites and Low High tosses. A Juggle and a Shuffle are exercised as is Drop vs Give in both Physical Flow & Mental Flow fashion.
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via PVybe on YT: YouTube

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Do Then Cue – Putting Behaviors Before the Cued Drop for Proofing Purposes

Cue Before Do is standard operating procedure for teaching a cued Drop with discs. Cue Before Do means that you ask for and get the Drop behavior before giving the cookie which is “Do” – throw, next move, bite, etc. Because disc dog freestyle is really nothing more than a series of long behavior chains, many of which are dependent upon having the disc out of the dog’s mouth to complete, this makes complete sense and is logically sound.

Drop Problems? Do Before Cue for Responsive Drops

It’s quite hard to flow with a dog who doesn’t drop on cue. This problem is greater if you treat action and interaction with the handler and disc as a cookie and expect the dog to Drop before offering the cookie. This is the way most of us like to install the Cued Drop as it affords the handler greater control over reinforcement of the Drop behavior.