PVybe HQ – Kingston, NY

Here is the new home of Pawsitive Vybe. We move in July 1.

The building is an old Pajama Factory and is located in the heart of Mid-Town Kingston the largest city in Ulster County on the West bank of the Hudson River.

We will be running dog training classes in the City of Kingston later this summer as well as our world renowned Dog Sport instruction. The Disc Dog Bed and Breakfast will be coming online in Early Fall. It’s a pretty exciting time for PVybe!

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Whoa!? What’s Up with PVybe?

In January, our landlord sent us an email notifying us that she would be putting the PVybe Farm back on the real estate market. Talk about freaking out! What do you do when you have to move on a shoestring budget with a dozen dogs? You freak out that’s what you do! But we believe that when you stumble, the first thing that you need to do is lean forward.

Economics of Distraction

Rhythm has a tendency to explode into the environment when he’s asked to work – marking everything, sniffing everything, hustling up on people, etc – essentially working everything but his handler and Frisbees. The environment is extremely stimulating for this little guy…


    1. It sure does, Jeff!
      Now that we’re a bit closer to it happening, it’s a lot to take in.
      You’ll have to come check it out when we’re settled. 😉

  1. Ron! Q what’s the title of the Spares song in this vid? The place looks great

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