Pawsitive Vybe Jams at GRKC Dog Days at the Park

Apryl Lea, Ron & half the pack did a couple of shows at the Grand Rapids Kennel Club’s Dog Days at the Park Event at Riverside Park in GR. It’s always great to go out and show our stuff locally.

The P-Vybe crew entertained a crowd of about 500 people with high flying disc dog action.

Client Testimonial

The old dogs showed their stuff. You did a super job communicating with the crowd. The audience had fun, were amazed and learned something too. One man as he walked away said to me that the show the PVybe tribe did was well worth the trip to be there that day.I’m sure he was not the only one who felt that way. I hope to see many more  Pawsitive Vybe Performances.

Deb Stout, P-Vybe Client

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