Flight IQ

Flight Intelligence Quotient, Flight IQ, is a representation of the understanding of the disc and disc principles of thrown discs. The Dog, the Handler, and the Team all can and do display Flight IQ (and lapses in Flight IQ) within a single moment, within a single performance, for some time, or as a general trait.

Flight IQ is not meant to be a scientific term per se, but more of a philosophical starting point to reinforce understanding and to keep the focus on what the Dog | Handler | Team actually knows.

A dog who displays High Flight IQ is a dog who understands the principles of a flying disc, hyzer and anhyzer, roll and fade, hover, the wind, etc and applies that knowledge and understanding towards making a successful, preferably leaping, catch.

Flight IQ, more often than not, is situational – as in there are certain situations where it will vary dramatically.