Freeshape Multiple Target Training – General Notes

January 18, 2010 (The day after training): So, I see now that if I had read the comments that followed the Freeshaped Multiple Target Training training article, I might have come away with a different experience. I completely missed them until this morning.

Some things learned by reading the comments:

  1. My sessions were too long! I should’ve worked Stage 1 only and maybe Stage 2 later in the day. Stage 3 should’ve been for another day.
  2. Three different responses/outputs from the dogs is not uncommon and was good for me to experience.
  3. It’s okay to “draw a map” sometimes and other times to be patient and wait them out. I was feeling kind of bad both ways, thinking I was either being too easy and there would be no connection for them, or being too hard and they would lose interest. I think I just need to relax more and not worry about “getting it right” all the time.

So my journey is beginning. Looking forward to giving this another try.

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