Friday Night Cookie Train: Keys to Reverse Vaults or Rebounds

Ron & Epic lay out some keys to disc dog Reverse Vaults and rebounds in this Friday Night Cookie jam…

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3:10 – Pedestal Adding Value
5:00 – Prompt Switch
7:15 – Pretty vs Stand
13:07 – Couple of things about Rebounds
17:45 – Trigger: Rebound
21:50 – Front Cross as Trigger
25:57 – Vaulting Platform
27:40 – Platform as Reliable Trigger
29:30 – Carom vs Rebound
32:27 – Timing – Pursuit
33:55 – Timing – Catch & Carry
38:24 – Conceptual Understanding
39:23 – Flipping Direction
40:15 – Rebound Recap

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