Disc Dog Throwing Basics Rock In Rock Out

One of the hardest things to do while throwing discs is to relax.

Try this

Catch Low and put a backhand grip on the disc. Loosen the grip as much as possible while still maintaining control over the disc. It might be a little claw-like at the beginning, that’s OK. The disc should be totally drooping down. The idea is that the inertia of the moving hand lifts the disc, as droopy, loosely held things do when they are pulled quickly.

Rockin’ In

Moving from the throwing hand side to the off hand side is Rockin’ In. As you Rock In, the edge of the disc away from the hand will move a bit slower than the part that is in the hand because the grip is not maintaining the angle of the disc at all. The movement of the hand as you rock in is what will lift the wing and set the angle of the disc.

Rockin’ Out

Once all the way over to the left, there is no more Rockin’ In. You will be all coiled up. Just relax and let your body start to Rock Out – shifting the weight and turning back towards the throwing hand. This reversal of direction with the droopy, loosely held disc will pop the trailing edge of the disc up to a horizontal position. Continue Rockin’ Out until the disc is in position to be released towards the target.

If you stay loose and that disc remains droopy, you will wind up with the same pleasant surprise that Judy got at the end of the video.

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Throwing With Intent

Throwing with Intent is throwing a disc to your dog with the intent to make them look good. Throwing the disc to promote a big leap, to hit the dog in stride on the run or throwing a disc that your dog is going to flip for 10 yards away, is the sign of a mature handler.

The Purpose and Value of Recognizing Shapes in Disc Dog Freestyle

Shapes are created by the position and movement of dog, handler, and disc. And shapes can be created by the dog, the handler, and the placement of the disc. Shapes are a fact of disc dog freestyle.

When the dog leaves the handler for a catch, that tends to create a line. When the dog is away from the handler and moves across the field to make a catch, as in a Zig Zag or Around the World, that tends to create a Shape.