Ron Watson | Heli In Flip

A Moving Flip from Flank that Completes the Flank – Flipping In

the Heli In flip is a moving Flip from the Flank position in the same direction of the Flank. moving Flips can lubricate and reinforce the flipping skill for many dogs due to variations and the influence of Positional Pressure.

Keys to the Trick:

  1. Verbal then Trigger – On Your Terms
  2. Clean Low High Trigger
  3. Placement Behind the Dog
  4. Finish on Flank

Verbal THEN Trigger – On Your Terms

give the verbal cue to announce the Heli In will be happening soon then coast in Working Flank. deliver a clean Low High toss, bouncing to a horizontal(-ish) rim orientation that makes the dog respond and collect for the Flip.

“On Your Terms” is super important. Don’t be fooled by pattern training and be sure to choose the moment you fire off the throw.

There is a rhythm or a moment where the Flip needs to happen. You’ll have to find it, but it is critical that the Handler choose that moment. You may read the dog and adjust to the timing the dog seems to want, but the Dog cannot force the Handler into the move. The dog must respond to the Trigger.

Clean Low High Trigger

the horizontal bounce at the bottom of the Low High Toss is the Trigger. this strong, clear Trigger follows a clear verbal cue answers the question that everybody wants to know,”When are we gonna do this thing!?”

The dog responds to the Trigger. If the Trigger is the disc bouncing at the bottom and the dog must wait for that to respond, then by the time the dog sees the Trigger and responds, the Target is already in the air. This means that the dog will leave the ground for the Target.

The dog responds to the Trigger. This is key.

Placement Behind the Dog

the Dog puts his face where the disc happens. put the disc where you want your dog’s face. this is an “Inside” flip, so that means the head has to come back towards the Handler.

The placement on Heli In is behind the dog’s head, or behind “where the dog’s head is gonna be”. I know it’s not a discrete spot, but this is not a discrete skill, it is a Team Movement Skill. You should get the feel for it.

Proper placement will create a rounded kind of Flip that is distinctly different from Heli Out. You can see it with Eppie in the video.

Finish on Flank

the Heli Flip happens on Flank and, traditionally, should finish on the same flank. while the dog is flipping, keep moving in the direction of the Flank to pull the dog around. a throw or bite may be employed.

This isn’t necessary, and certainly isn’t necessary for general flipping principles. You can apply the In vs Out without the Heli part. The Heli aspect of this to my mind’s eye is the dog working to hold Flank.

This desire to hold Flank creates a backchain for reinforcing a solid landing. The need to keep moving asks the dog to go the extra mile on the flip and to land in a smooth, balanced fashion to continue moving with the Handler.