Jam in a Flash!

flash-jam-prod-6001Routine Building Made Simple

A fresh jam in every box. 47 common disc dog tricks linked to online instruction via QR code.

Jam in a Flash is a disc dog freestyle routine building tool like no other. Creating a framework of tricks and delivering endless creativity through the luck of the draw, Jam in a Flash is the path to fresh and unique disc dog freestyle.

Learn how to create sequences and gain the experience and intelligence necessary to build routines

Step 1: Choose Your Moves

Moves live on the Tricks Page. A list of standard disc dog moves (including 9 “My Moves”) that we shuffle up for you to create a random disc dog freestyle sequence for dead simple creativity.

  Tricks Page

Go Ahead and click the button a choose a few tricks. When you come back, refresh this page and 5 of your moves will be on the right.

Step 2: Visit Your Profile or the FlashJam page

When you visit your profile or this FlashJam page, a random sequence will be generated in the sidebar on the right (The sequence will be down towards the bottom of the page on your phone…)

Step 3: Work Your Sequence

Work your sequence honestly using the Art of Linking Tricks. Do 4 repetitions with waits between each trick and then go live on the 5th Rep.

Create and submit your own Custom moves

Add a New Trick

Coming Back Soon…

The NEW!!! Jam in a Flash site is being built as you read this. More info to come VERY soon! Stay tuned to the Dog and Discs Blog for the big announcement…