Precision Accuracy Drill – Throwing Floaters

Precision & Accuracy Drill @ 6m03s

The video lays it out pretty well. We didn’t have a lot of wind here on the day of filming, so the discs were not hovering as well as they should have, but that’s life, Mother Nature is a cruel mistress…


Hang the disc on the pole from a distance of 8-10 yards.


Some kind of vertically oriented target (preferably a pole) and 10 discs.


Face the wind and throw floaters at a vertical target that approximates your dog’s maximum leaping height. For most dogs this will be somewhere between four to five feet off the ground. Attempt to hang the disc on top of the target.

Hitting the pole is not enough, a couple of the tosses that Apryl and I made were on target, but were not floating enough, they were running. If the disc is running through the target, the dog will not be enticed to leap. If she is on a path to intercept the disc, the short span of time that the disc spends at the target will make creating and executing a plan very difficult.

Why Into the Wind?

Throw into the wind to keep the disc at the target for the longest time possible (target=distance, height and time). A lack of wind means that a floater will hover for less time as was the case in the video above, but it’s still possible to deliver a floating disc that will entice our dog into leaping.

Most new players and players that lack throwing confidence often avoid throwing into the wind, as throwing into the wind magnifies any technical or mechanical mistakes made. Precision and accuracy drills must be done into the wind. Again, it’s not just about placement, it’s about time. Throwing down wind decreases the amount of float and reduces the amount of time the disc spends around the target.

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