Three 5 Minute Sessions for All Your Set Up Moves

Lesson Progress:

All the tools you need for the immaculate set up moves you’ve already seen in the Set Up Move video and the full lesson.It’s simple, elegant and effective. Here’s how to put it into effect.

Good Things Happen in Threes

We’re going to get three of each set up move and then move on.

Three reps of Around (clockwise)

– Set the hook on the lure and begin to pull the dog around, mark when the dog is following at the match – or the passing of the cookie – mark again and reinforce the dog in Heel position (standing).

Three Reps of Around (counter clockwise)

Repeat the above in the opposite direction.

End of Session – Go Do Dog Stuff – Max time 2 minutes. Ideal time < 30 seconds.

Three Reps of Backwards Through

Set the Hook on the lure and begin to pull the dog around (clockwise). Mark when the dog follows the match – the passing of the cookie between your legs – and reinforce the dog in Change position. Pay the dog continuously as you lean over top of them. Squeeze the last cookie in a fist and push the dog back for them to back up (Scoot), mark and reinforcing the dog behind you.
Repeat with the Counter Clockwise backwards through.

End of Session – Go Do Dog Stuff – Max time 2 minutes. Ideal time < 30 seconds.

Three Reps of Through

Complete the Around skill (clockwise) marking at the finish position of that skill, then step back with the leg that is furthest away from the dog and pass the cookie from your left hand to right between your legs (an opposite backwards through). Mark the moment of the match as your dog is following, and reinforce in heel or side position.
Repeat with Around (counter clockwise).

End of Session – Go Do Dog Stuff – Max time 2 minutes. Ideal time < 30 seconds.

Big Picture

This skill is about motion. Take care to Hook your dog with that lure and be careful that you’re not holding the lure too low or making the lure too accessible. Know that you are leading your dog and offer that lure with the intent to move them.

If anything goes awry with a repetiton of any of these set up moves, stop and reset. Resist the desire to muscle this skill. Skillful handlers will find it easy to muscle these set up moves even if they have or they are falling apart, but the wise handler knows that practice doesn’t make perfect… Perfect Practice Makes Perfect. The strength of this drill lies in it’s elegance, clarity and simplicity. Surefire performance and understanding at the same time. It can be perfect Practice.

Muscling foundational elements is not perfect practice, it’s struggling, behaviors will get muddy and we will create weak links in our complex behavior chains Frisbee Game.

This skill will transfer readily to discs, to boot. As we are really working on getting the dog to understand that each hand has value and that value is transferred from one hand to another when the hands meet. Put a disc in each hand (or one and pass it) and use them just like the cookies.

Repeat this drill, once or two times a day. That’s 1.5 minutes per day once you’re competent as a team. Our experience is that after 3 reps of this game (Perfect Practice) it’s fairly easy to transfer this skill to discs.

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