New Disc Dog and Dog Training Classes Coming Soon!!!

Holy Moly Crazy!

We’re super excited about some new class offerings and learning formats we’re developing.

First off, we’re creating highly focused classes aimed at discrete skills and behaviors.

Check out the Map from my Mind… muahahahaha… etc

Classes and Modules by Subscription

The colored topics are our focused areas of study and they all break out into a ton of content similar to the orange Vaulting Concepts class. in the top right of the photo.

Each of the black headers with images is a module. Each class has 3 or more modules. Modules will be available as a micro-course and will be highly topical, top shelf training stuff at a reasonable, a la carte, price.

We’re going to go with a yearly subscription with classes and modules and a solid renewal discount. We will also be offering access to all class content on a yearly subscription basis.

Disc Dogs, Dog Sports, and Dog Training

It’s all disc right now, but we’ll be fleshing it out with super cool and useful dog training stuff too.

Over the years our focus has wandered and we’re looking forward to bringing back some of our old dog training and engagement stuff and giving it modern treatment.

Structured Self Study Learning

A very rough draft of our Engagement Class. 3 modules currently planned: General, too Much engagement, not enough engagement. Looking to add to these with a couple of typical issues.

We’ve got a pretty amazing learning management system on our site. Currently, it’s just being used as a class framework and progress tracking feature, but we’ll be adding quizzes and some unique instructional content via text, video, and graphic novel as we flesh out our self study offerings.

Dog Training Graphic Novel Instruction

It’s happening with this class. I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time. The following images are early drafts of some of the instruction for the Posing & Position module from the Sequence Building class. Scroll down and we’ll chat in a sec…

So that took, what, 1-3 minutes? And you actually got an idea of what posing is all about, or you followed along nodding your head as you saw this kind of game develop in the strips.

The rapid deployment of ideas and the ability to capture a real live dialogue between dog and handler in a sensible way, I believe makes this Graphic Novel Instruction a pretty amazing tool.

Now when you read the text or watch the video on posing you will have “seen” what the instructor is talking about and will have experienced the key moments. Recalling key concepts from those moments and applying them on your own should be much easier.

So What’s Next?

I’m working on getting pricing together, and I think we’re going to do some kind of crowdsourcing/pre-publishing sale in the very near future to get the project sailing on it’s way.

We’d love to hear from you about the project. Whether it is class or class content suggestions, asking silly questions, or connecting us with a publisher or illustrator, give us a shout and let us know you’re watching and interested in the project.