Distance Learning Group Video Chat

We’ve been working really hard here at PVybe HQ on our distance learning program. Earlier this summer Google+ came out and really changed our game with their group video chat application, Google Hangouts.

We are now doing live group video chats with our Disc Dog Foundation classes and we have put together a Personalized Training program that we’ll be rolling out with great fanfare over the next month or so.

Our Bitework for Behavior class is coming back next week and I’m extremely excited to get on with it. We have been holding off for a while hoping to get more people involved, as the class requires a good deal of participation from the members, but our recent Disc Dog Foundation group video chats make it much easier to teach this online. We’re really stoked. Enrollment is still open for class. Get signed up!

These video chats are pretty unreal in terms of their value for distance learning. We can, as a group, watch Youtube videos and share instruction and observations in real time. We can train dogs on camera and get immediate advice and feedback. It’s pretty much just like a live class minus the distractions.

Here’s a sample from this week’s Disc Dog Foundation European Video Chat. Special thanks to Judy Curran for the camera work…


  1. Russel

    This is really cool! Are you going to be useing this for the bitework class?

    1. Ron Watson Post author

      Yea, Russel! Pretty excited. It really changed the nature of that class. I can do smaller groups now that we can actually share video in real time. It’s still not as turnkey as the disc dog class, but I should be able to teach without having a ton of students to flesh out the instruction.

      Pretty excited…

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